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  • Pluto Up Close

    Two UVA planetary scientists weigh in on some of the dramatic images of Pluto and its moons sent from the New Horizons spacecraft.

  • College Faculty Lead Global Effort to Combat Religious Violence

    The Global Covenant of Religions puts Charlottesville at the center of an international network of 400-plus diplomats, scholars, religious leaders and students dedicated to addressing one of today’s most urgent issues.

  • Nau Center To Explore America’s Defining Conflict

    William Faulkner once famously wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” So it is with the American Civil War, and our new center will examine the conflict in all aspects – and how it continues to influence us today.

  • Mellon Grant Supports Major Global South Initiative

    The funding is creating new courses and research focused on the connected histories and cultures of Africa, Latin America, South and East Asia and other world regions.

  • Asking Questions and Solving Problems

    At a time when there is increasing competitiveness for a limited pool of federal funding, A&S faculty continue to push the frontiers of new knowledge through a variety of funding resources.

  • Nau Gift Creates New Center for Civil War History

    $13 Million gift will solidify U.Va.'s preeminence in 19th-century history

  • From the Concert Hall to the Computer Lab

    Well known for its rich collection of traditional music programs, the McIntire Department of Music now includes unique and innovative curriculum that explores electronic, popular and non-Western music.

  • Sky is the Limit

    Between U.Va.'s Department of Astronomy and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville is a hub of astronomical discovery and world-class research.

  • Liberal Arts and the World of Work

    As a debate over the vocational value of a liberal arts education focuses on the employment opportunities it can provide, more students are eager to start chiseling away to specialize their studies toward a potential career as quickly as possible.

  • The Rhodes Journey

    As difficult as it may be to win a Rhodes scholarship ­– only 32 Rhodes Scholars are chosen nationwide each year – a remarkable number of U.Va. graduates have accomplished the feat.