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ASCS GoToMeeting Instructions

GoToMeeting for Arts & Sciences at UVA

GoToMeeting (GTM) is Skype-like software that allows people to use video conferencing for meetings.  With screen sharing, it can also be used to demonstrate or collaborate on-line.  GTM allows multiple sites to connect simultaneously (similar to the paid version of Skype).  GTM also has the advantage of allowing attendees to participate with voice phone if they do not have Internet or video capabilities.

Arts and Sciences Computing Services (ASCS) has a GTM license for shared faculty and staff use. 

A quick overview of what you need to know for GoToMeeting:

  • GTM Licenses are “reserved” through the UVa Exchange calendar system. 
  • For best results the person scheduling the meeting should have Microsoft Outlook on their computer connected to the UVa Exchange server.
  • You will need to know the GTM resource name and password to schedule a meeting (and to convene the meeting at the scheduled time).
  • You also need to know the email address of attendees to be invited to join the meeting. 
  • Invitations are sent to attendees along with a web link for use when ready to join the meeting. 
  • The license available for all A&S Faculty and Staff is named:


The passwords for these licenses are usually changed each year, check with your LSP to learn the current password for these resources.


  • An organizer schedules and starts the meeting. 
  • Attendees join the meeting through the provided URL or phone number. 
  • A presenter is the person whose screen can be shared to attendees, to display PowerPoint or anything else on their screen they wish to present.  The presenter role can be transferred between attendees during the meeting.

Scheduling a meeting – the details

  • Use Outlook to make sure one of the licenses is available for use at the time you want to convene a meeting.[1]
  • Use a browser to go to 
  • Click on “login>” at the top right of the screen. 
  • Enter this email address:

Be sure to include “eservices.” 

  • Enter the password as provided by your LSP. 
  • Click Log In.
  • Click on “Host a meeting.” 
  • If this is the first time you have used GoToMeeting on that computer, you will be asked to install an application. 
  • Then you will be asked “Do you want to meet right now or schedule a meeting for later?” 
    • Click “Schedule Meeting”
      • Enter Subject, Date, Time, etc.  Most other settings can be left as the default.  Click Schedule.
      • Enter the email addresses for the attendees in the calendar invitation.  Be sure to invite ASCS— – so the GTM calendar shows your reservation in Outlook.
    • Click “Meet Now”
      • This option is discouraged since it allows you to use the license and invite attendees within the GTM software.  It does NOT reserve the time on the GTM Outlook calendar. 
      • Only use this option if you use Outlook to book the time on the GTM Outlook calendar directly.

Starting a meeting – the details

  • As organizer, launch the website: 
  • Click on “login>” at the top right of the screen. 
  • Enter this email address: ASCS—

Be sure to include “eservices.” 

  • Enter the password as provided by your LSP. 
  • Click Log In.
  • Find your meeting listed in the “Upcoming Meetings” list.  Click “Start” next to your event.
  • The GTM application will then launch.
  • Organizer notes:
    • If the organizer does not start the meeting at the scheduled time, no one else can join in. 
    • A meeting can have up to 25 attendees. 
    • A meeting can have up to six concurrent webcam video feeds, the other attendees will be audio only.
    • The organizer can mute or select which camera(s) are displayed.  If the meeting is a single presenter you don’t want to waste bandwidth with everyone’s video being shared.

A quick overview for attendees

Joining a meeting via web link:

  • You will need a microphone and speakers to participate.  A headset with both is preferred as it reduces echo and feedback. 
  • A webcam is required if a live image of you is to be projected to the meeting.
  • You need a working and active connection to the internet.  A wired Ethernet connection is more reliable, but wireless will work.
  • Open the web link in the invitation to join a meeting.


Please join my meeting.

  • When you use a computer to attend a meeting for the first time you may be asked to install software.  Do that.  It is a little different for each operating system.  You will be guided through the process.  Software is available for Windows, Mac, iPad (iOS), and Android.  You only have to install the software the first time. 
  • When you enter the meeting, you want to check your audio to make sure people can hear you and you can hear them.  You will have an icon that looks like a microphone.  If it has a red strike through it, your mic is muted.  Click on the icon to mute and unmute your mic.  If you are only listening, it is good practice to mute your mic.  Also when you cough or sneeze.

Joining a meeting via telephone:

         Use your phone to call into the meeting, example:

Dial +1 (773) 897-3015

Access Code: 506-028-815

Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 506-028-815


We recommend that you test the system (scheduling, starting, and joining meetings) in advance of any live event.  There are lots of options available to fine tune the settings to your situation.  See your departmental LSP for more information.

Thanks from the ASCS team!

[1] Open Microsoft Outlook and your calendar.  Click the down arrow on “Open Calendar” and select “From Address Book”.  Find ASCS—GTM1.  Navigate to the date/time you want