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Call for College Fellows

Proposal Due by Wednesday, November 7 

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What are the College Fellows?

In May of 2016, College of Arts & Sciences faculty members voted to pilot the New College Curriculum as part of the A&S general education curricular reforms. The heart of the new curriculum are the College Fellows, faculty drawn from across the College and entrusted with designing and teaching the core Engagements Courses (Engaging Aesthetics, Empirical & Scientific Engagement, Engaging Differences, Ethical Engagement).


For more information on the Engagements and the College Fellows Design Process for these courses, please click here: What are the Engagements?

Who is Eligible?

All full-time Arts & Sciences faculty in ongoing appointments are eligible and encouraged to apply.

What is Required of the College Fellows, Cohort 4?


The fourth cohort of College Fellows will serve four semesters as College Fellows beginning August 2019 and ending at the conclusion of the Spring 2021 semester. College Fellows must serve the entirety of this term (excluding summers) in residence at the University of Virginia, with the expectation of participation in College Fellows functions on Grounds through the course of the two-year term.

Course Development & Teaching

In addition to the two-year teaching term, College Fellows will devote several days in Spring 2019 to orientation and course development. During this time the Fellows will:

  1. work alongside the already appointed College Fellows to conceptualize and refine the Engagement experience, with particular emphasis on the thematic design for Academic year 2020-21;
  2. design and develop individual Engagement courses to be taught in Fall 2019 – Spring 2021.

In particular, members of the College Fellows must be available to participate in Orientation and Course Design meetings on the following dates:

  • Thursday, March 7 (6pm-8pm): Orientation Dinner
  • Friday, March 8 (9am-2pm): Orientation
  • Friday, March 22 (10am-2pm): Course Design Workshop - Day 1
  • Friday, April 5 (10am-2pm): Course Design Workshop - Day 2
  • Friday, April 12 (10am-2pm): Course Design Workshop - Day 3
  • Wed-Thur, April 15-16 (9am-2pm): Syllabus Critique Workshop

The new College Fellows are also encouraged (though not required) to attend invited dinners and workshops during the Spring ’19 semester.

  • Tuesday, Feb 5: College Fellows Reception
  • Wednesday, March 27: Postdoctoral Candidate Job Talks

All members of the fourth College Fellows cohort will teach in the Engagements during the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years. The teaching load for these four semesters will equate to two-thirds of the instructional effort within the faculty member’s department(s). In practice, faculty who teach two (3 credit) semester-long courses will teach two (2 credit) half semester courses. The fourth College Fellows cohort will rotate out of their teaching obligation in the Engagements after the Spring ’21 semester.


For the duration of their term, College Fellows will participate in activities to build collegiality and a shared vision of the undergraduate experience. This will take the form of regular meetings, dinners, and colloquia among the Fellows. This may also include College Fellows-sponsored events such as lectures for the University community, symposia, and seminars regarding the liberal arts and sciences at UVA.

Modified Term

For those faculty for whom a full-time appointment to the College Fellows program will interfere with critical teaching in one’s home department, a modified appointment will be considered by the hiring committee.

What is the Compensation?

College Fellows will receive a stipend of $5,000 for every academic semester in which they devote 100% of their instructional effort to the Engagements.

  • Fellows with a traditional appointment to the fourth cohort will receive a $10,000 stipend for the ’19-’20 academic year, and a $10,000 stipend for the ’20-’21 academic year.
  • Full departmental course release will be offered during the corresponding academic semesters in which fellows are teaching in the Engagements.

While these stipends are commensurate with the time devoted to the Engagement teaching, the stipends serve as compensation for the preparatory work the College Fellows will undertake for their courses. This includes (but is not limited to) the Spring ‘19 orientation and course design workshops, assessment work, and various College Fellows functions.

In addition, the College Fellows home department will be compensated $30,000/Fellow for every semester in which they devote 100% of the instructional effort to the Engagements (or $120,000 for all four semesters during AYs 2019-2021).

All research and service obligations to the College of Arts & Sciences and the faculty member’s home department would continue.

How to Apply

Applications will be vetted by a committee appointed by the Dean. Final selection will be made by the committee in consultation with the Dean and with the approval of the applicants’ Department Chairs.

Applications must include the following:

  • Brief statement of intent (1-2 paragraphs): Explain your motivation and reasons for wanting to participate in the College Fellows.
  • Note of Endorsement from Chair: Applications should include a short note of endorsement from your chair.
  • Engagement preference: Identify those Engagements (Engaging Aesthetics, Empirical & Scientific Engagement, Engaging Differences, Ethical Engagement) that you would be willing to cultivate – both through the design of individual courses and in collaboration with the fellows throughout the program. 
  • CV: Please upload your CV (short versions acceptable).  

Applications are due Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

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