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Promotion and Tenure Committee

9 Members (2017-18)

The Promotion and Tenure Committee reviews the cases of faculty who are being considered for promotion to associate professor with tenure or full professor. The committee members consider each case as presented by the faculty member's home department and make a recommendation to the dean of Arts & Sciences about whether or not to grant promotion or tenure. The Dean and three academic Associate Deans serve on the committee ex officio.

Regular Committee:

Dale Copeland, Politics

Willis Jenkins, Religious Studies

Xiaoyuan Liu, History

Antonia Lolordo, Philosophy

Ivana Petrovic, Classics

Allison Pugh, Sociology

Craig Sarazin, Astronomy

Bethany Teachman, Psychology

Jill Venton, Chemistry

Expedited Committee:

Kevin Lehmann, Chemistry

Susan Fraiman, English

Sid Milkis, Politics