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Directors of Diversity & Inclusion

Oct 30, 2017

DDIs serve to advance, promote and cultivate diverse and inclusive departments. They will assist in implementing best practices - and communicate to appropriate parties - about issues relating to diversity and inclusion including: faculty hiring, search committees, search process, faculty retention, departmental climate, guiding/mediating peers in difficult conversations or around issues of conflict, graduate student recruitment/retention/climate, curriculum in undergraduate and graduate programs, and staff retention/climate.

Directors of Diversity & Inclusion

Current directors are listed, by department, below.

American Studies:   Sandyha Shukla
Anthropology:   George Mentore
Art:   Lydia Moyer
Astronomy:   Ed Murphy
Biology:   Ray Keller
Chemistry:   Jill Venton
Classics:   John Dillery
Drama:   Caitlin McLeod
East Asian Lang, Lit & Cultures:   Anne Kinney
Economics:   Leora Friedberg
English/Creative Writing:   John O'Brien
Environmental Sciences:   Manuel Lerdau
French Lit/Gen Linguistics:   Kandioura Dramé
German/Slavic:   Bill McDonald
History:   Allan Megill
Mathematics:  David Sherman
Media Studies:   Christopher Ali
Mid East & S. Asian Lang & Cultures:   Hanadi Al-Samman
Monroe Hall:   Beverly Adams
Monroe Hall:   Erin Eaker
Music:   Bonnie Gordon
Philosophy:   Jorge Secada
Physics:   Xiaochao Zheng
Politics:   Carol Mershon
Psychology:   Noelle Hurd
Religious Studies:   Heather Warren
Sociology:   Katya Makarova
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese:   Mané Lagos
Statistics: Jeff Holt
Women, Gender & Sexuality:   [tbd]
Woodson IAAS:   [tbd]

  1. These individuals join departmental officers (e.g., Director of Undergraduate Programs-DUPs; Director of Graduate Studies-DGS; Vice/Associate Chair, if applicable; and Department Chair) in providing leadership for the department or program. DDI will report to the dept. chair/program director and the Academic Associate Dean for their unit.
  2. Term of appointment: DDI serve three-year terms. In years 1-2 they are the primary DDI for their unit. In year three, they will officially mentor year 1 of the incoming DDI. This mentorship period will allow for maximum carrying forward of knowledge, skills, and information.                                                                                             
  3. A&S is partnering with the Provost Office and UVa CHARGE to introduce the DDI program and to provide information and support for DDI in an ongoing basis, including development of in-person and virtual tools or seminars for sharing information and skill building.
  4. Collectively the DDIs will constitute a community of advocates, and will be convened for orientation and best practice sessions as well as interactions by digital means (e.g., Collab site, discussion tools, etc.).
  5. We propose a particular focus on building diverse, inclusive, effective search processes – from creation of job postings through to on-boarding of new faculty. DDI will serve as a consultant to all departmental search committees, with the possibility of serving on one or more search committees directly.

Diversity & Inclusion Grants

We are now accepting proposals for the 2018-19 Diversity & Inclusion Grants. The deadline for applications is January 11, 2019.

Past Award Recipients / Projects

  • Dorothe Bach / Feasibility Study for Establishing a University-wide Interactive Theater to Promote Diversity and Inclusion
  • Kevin Everson / How Can I Ever Be Late
  • Cori Field / Global History of Black Girlhood Conference
  • Michael Gerli / Matching Funds to Bring African American Graduate Students to Grounds
  • Marlen Gonzalez / Diversifying Scholarship at UVA: Forging Interdisciplinary Connections, Empowering Students, and Promoting a Culture of Inclusivity
  • Brent Gunnoe / Enhancing the Diversity of Graduate Student Population in the Department of Chemistry
  • Keisha John / Summer Research Opportunities for Underserved Undergraduates
  • Karlin Luedtke / Utilizing Academic Support Resources to Aid in the Retention of Students on Probationary Status in the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Katya Makarova / Diverse Disciplines, Inclusive Institutions: Rethinking our Academic Agendas
  • Sara Maloni / Women and Diversity in Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics
  • Gretchen Martinet and Jeff Holt / Statistics Workshop
  • Bethany Teachman / Partnering with Graduate Students to Advance Diversity and Inclusion
  • Rukmani Vijayaraghavan and Ed Murphy / Girls Exploring the Universe: 2017

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