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Proposal Calendar


•  NEH Humanities Connections Grant [call]
•  National Humanities Center [call]
•  "P&R 2019-20: Getting Started" email [call]
•  P&T 2019-20 candidates' names [due to the Dean's office]
• UVA Summer Stipends Proposals [call]
•  Sesqui 2018-19 Reports [due 9/27]


•  Summer Stipends, call for 2018 awardee reports
•  Sesqui 2020-21 proposals [call]
•  UVA Summer Stipends applications [call]
•  Page-Barbour Interdeptamental Seminar Proposals [call]
•  P&R 2019-20 candidates' names [due to Dean's office]
•  Mellon/ Career Enhancement Fellowship [call] 
•  Summer Stipends, 2019 awardee reports [due]
•  University Teaching Awards, coordinated by the Provost's Office [call]


•  National Humanities Center [due via NHC webpage]
•  NEH Humanities Connections Grant [due]
•  Humanities Fellowships in South Atlantic Studies [call for graduate student applications]
•  AHSS/VPR Research Support proposals, Round 1 [call]
•  Page-Barbour Interdepartmental Seminar Proposals [due]
•  UVA Summer Stipends applications [due]
•  Sesqui Associateship 2020-21 Proposals [due]
•  Mellon Humanities Fellows Program and Mellon Humanities Lab Applications [call]
•  External Reviewers Names for Spring 2020 Program Reviews [due to Dean's Office]


•  NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship Award [call]
• University Teaching Awards [call]
•  Quantitative Collaborative Seed Grant Proposal [call]
•  Newberry Library Fellowship - Long-Term Fellowships [due]
•  Promotions & Tenure case materials [due]
•  AHSS/VPR Research Support Proposals, Round 1 [due]
•  DDI Grant Proposals
•  Clay Endowment for the Humanities Proposals [call]
•  Page-Barbour Interdepartmental Seminar Proposals [due]
•  Notify departments/programs that are scheduled for 2020 External Program Review
•  Quantitative Collaborative Seed Grant Proposal [due]


•  Diversity and Inclusion Grants [call]
•  Whiting Public Engagement Programs [call]
•  3rd-Year Tenure-Track and 2nd-Year ECE-Track Reviews [call]
•  ENS Graduate Fellowship Proposals [call]
•  AHSS VPR Reports from Round 1 AY 2018-19 [due]
•  P&R (General Faculty going up for promotion) case materials [due]
•  Democracy Initiative Lab proposals [call]
•   Humanities Fellowships in South Atlantic Studies [call for graduate student applications]
•  Public Humanities Fellowship in South Atlantic Studies [due, Fac proposals + Grad Student apps]
•  Department Chair Search Committee reports [due]


•  Mellon Indigenous Arts Faculty Fellowship [due 2/4]
•  AHSS/VPR Research Support Proposal, Round 2 [due 2/22]
•  NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship Award nominations [due]
•  AHSS/VPR Research Support Reports, Round 1 [due]
•  Mellon Humanities Fellows Program and Mellon Humanities Lab Applications [due]


•  University Teaching Awards Nominations [due to Provost's office]
•  Clay Endowment for the Humanities Proposals [due]
•  Mead Honored Professors Program nominations [nominations by associate deans]
•  University of Bologna Summer Seminar Applications [call]
•  Pratt Fund Allocation [Budget Office Distributes Information]

MARCH 2020

•  3rd Year (Tenure Track) and 2nd Year (ECE Track) Review Materials [due]
•  Mead Honored Professors Program Nominations [due]
•  Democracy Initiative Lab proposals [due]
•  ENS Graduate Fellowships Proposals [due]
•  Technische Universitat Dormund Graduate Fellowship Proposals [due]
•  Annual Reporting: "Getting Started" memo sent [first phase, due 5/17]
•  Quantitative Collaborative Internal Faculty Sabbatical [due 4/19]
•  Quantitative Collaborative Seed Grant [due 4/19]
•  Faculty Hiring Proposals [call]
•  Pratt requests for the upcoming year [due from departments]

APRIL 2020

•  Faculty Annual Reports and CVs [due to departments]
•  Faculty Hiring Proposals [due]
•  P&T "Getting Started" Email for 2019-20
•  Endowed Chair Committee Appointments made
•  University of Bologna Summer Seminar Applications [due]

MAY 2020

•  AHSS/VPR Reports from 2017-18 AY Awards [call]
•  Begin Drafting Donor Reports for Endowments, Fellowships, and Scholarships
•  Faculty Annual Reports & CVs and Evaluations for Faculty [due to Dean's Office]
•  Humanities Fellowships in South Atlantic Studies [call for teaching proposals from faculty]

JUNE 2020

•  AHSS/VPR Reports from 2017-18 AY Awards [call]
• Page-Barbour Committee Appointments made
• P&T Committee formed
• State of Department/ Programs Reports, plus Chair/ Director Self-Evaluations [due]
   ╘Annual Review Meetings Scheduled with ADs

JULY 2020

•  Chair Terms Reviewed
•  Endowed Chair Appointments made
•  Mellon New Directions Fellowships Applications [call]
•  Pratt Reports [due]