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Committees and Teams

To help A&S manage the planning and execution, Dean Ian Baucom has asked the following A&S faculty and staff to work together to help guide the process for the A&S community:  

Return to Grounds (RTG) Team

  • John Carfagno, Director of Communications
  • Jane Davis, HR Business Partner
  • Susanne Harder, Executive Assistant
  • Seth Matula, Chemistry Department Manager
  • Christian McMillen, Associate Dean for Social Sciences
  • Meredith Smoot, Politics Department Manager
  • Sarah Stanton, Space Planning
  • Aimee Steussy, Administrative Assistant
  • Anna Towns, Director of Space Planning
  • Nicole Woods, Chief of Staff (chair)

Fall 2020 Instructional Planning Advisory Committee

  • Brittany Acors, Graduate Student, Religious Studies
  • Sarah Betzer, Art History, Engagements
  • Paul Bourdon, Math
  • Evan Brown, Graduate Student, Biology
  • Linda Columbus, Chemistry
  • Lee Coppock, Economics
  • Paul Freedman, Politics
  • Brie Gertler, Philosophy
  • Judy Giering, Learning Design & Technology
  • Jeff Holt, Statistics
  • Lydia Moyer, Studio Art
  • Debbie Roach, Biology
  • Emily Scida, Spanish
  • Jennifer Tsien, French