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UVA Launchpad FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


UVA Launchpad is an intensive, eight-week University of Virginia program custom-built to prepare students for the world of work by combining liberal arts coursework, technical “bootcamp” style training, and career-focused projects.

These are difficult times, and this program was created to provide students an opportunity to grow academically and prepare for careers while staying safe and healthy at home.

Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions. To apply or learn more, visit Direct any questions to


Q: How rigorous are these courses? 
A: These are courses offered by the College of Arts & Sciences. They are in a different format than a traditional lecture or seminar class but there is rigor and they are graded. Students are expected to attend and actively participate in all classes and complete the work. That said, none of the courses have prerequisites and are intended to be accessible to a wide range of students (e.g., Data Analysis with Python does not require prior coding experience) 


Q: Are these graded courses?
A: Yes. There are two liberal arts courses (2 credits each) and two bootcamps (1 credit each). 


Q: Can I take these classes without seeking credit?
A: We are unable to offer individual courses or offer the program on a noncredit basis.  


Q: Are the classes the standard 3 hours? 
A: The liberal arts courses are 2 credits each and the bootcamps are 1 credit each. Students must do all 6 credits; they cannot do only part of the program. 


Q: Is there a residency requirement?  
A: No. Tuition and fees are the same whether students live in-state or out-of-state. 


Q: How is testing conducted? 
A: All tests will be online, whether in Collab or outside of Collab. Instructors may decide to use another online tool for assessment that is outside of Collab.  


Q: What jobs would I be qualified to do after successfully completing the program? 
A: Each bootcamp has a project that can be referred to in conversations with future employers. For example, in the Data Analysis with Python bootcamp, students will learn to clean data sets which is a skill that employers’ value. In Digital Marketing, students will be introduced to Google Analytics. In Podcrash, students will learn the basics of creating a podcast. 


Q: Once I apply to the Launchpad program, will I be able to see which classes I am able to get into before I am formally enrolled?
A: You will find out your courses before the program begins. Students can drop with a full refund through June 16. The earlier you apply, the more likely you will receive your top course choices. The only conflict may be if your top choices are offered during the same three-week session. 


Q: Can I participate if I’m not available at the times the classes meet?
A: Students participate live between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. during the programs. Students who need to miss a class due to a conflict can work that out directly with their instructors. The program is not designed to be 100% asynchronous. 


Q: Would the six credits for the College of Arts and Sciences count as elective credits? 
A: Yes, the 6-credits count as elective credit for the BA or BS degrees in the College. They also count as part of the 102 required “inside the College” credits. 


Q: Is this program open to incoming first-year students?
A: This program is not open to new, entering students from UVA or other institutions. 


Q: How soon would someone find out they are accepted? 
A: Applications are already being reviewed, and students will be notified as soon as possible.  


Q: Why is the instruction live as opposed to recorded? 
A: There will be a mix of live and asynchronous activities, but the program was not designed to be 100% asynchronous. In the future, UVA Launchpad may have more asynchronous components. Asynchronous content can take several months to produce and this was not the most practical path as we worked to create a solution for students this summer.   


Q: What is the grading scale? 
A: The grading scale will be the same as all undergraduate classes. Here is a link to the University’s Academic Record that includes the grading scale. 


Q: How do I apply for financial aid if I am a UVA student?   
A: Once you are admitted to UVA Launchpad, go to the UVA Student Financial Services Summer 2020 webpage and fill out the Summer 2020 On-Grounds Financial Aid Application Form. Students must have a completed 2019-2020 FAFSA on file and must have completed all items on their To Do List in the Student Information System (SIS). The 2019-2020 FAFSA must be completed by June 30, 2020 to be considered for Summer Session 2020 financial aid. There are other important details on the Summer 2020 Financial Aid page that are important to review. Go to to complete the FAFSA. 


Q: When can I drop the course / withdraw / refund?  
A: Summer Session 2020 dates and policies for Drops, Withdrawals and Refunds are here. The last day to drop is Sunday July 5th and the last day for a 100% refund is Tuesday June 16th. 


Q: When is tuition due?
A: Tuition and fees are due June 15th, the day the program starts. 


Q: What type of financial aid is available? 
A: UVA Launchpad is 6 credit hours and is eligible for Summer 2020 financial aid. More information regarding types of financial aid is available here. Grant funding for Summer Session is extremely limited and need-based. Some students may only qualify for financial aid in the form of federal student loans. Students seeking aid are encouraged to apply for admission early. 


Q: Will I be notified I received financial aid when I am notified of my Launchpad program acceptance? 
A: Upon acceptance to Launchpad, you will be directed to the Summer 2020 Financial Aid page and complete the Summer 2020 On-Grounds Financial Aid Application Form. Students applying for financial aid must have a completed 2019-2020 FAFSA on file and must have completed all items on their To Do List in the Student Information System (SIS). Go to to complete the FAFSA.  


Once the Summer 2020 On-Grounds Financial Aid Application Form is submitted, financial aid will be determined on a rolling basis and applicants will be notified by Student Financial Services. 


Q: Are Financial Aid programs available for international students?
A: Student Financial Services does not award financial aid to international students. 


Q: What is the admission criteria for a current UVA student? 
A: Students must be rising second, third- or fourth-year undergraduates in good standing and complete the program application.