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Mellon Grant Supports Major New Global South Initiative

The funding will go toward the creation of new courses and research focused on the connected histories and cultures of Africa, Latin America, South and East Asia and other world regions.

Pluto Up Close

Two UVA planetary scientists weigh in on some of the dramatic images of Pluto and its moons sent from the New Horizons spacecraft.


Extreme Resistance

Jun 22, 2016

Million of years of an evolutionary arms race has resulted in an amazing toxicity resistance for some species of snakes.

Searching the Kuiper Belt

Jun 22, 2016

UVA astronomer Anne Verbiscer is helping NASA steer the New Horizons spacecraft at the edge of our solar system, dodging hazards and identifying objects for closer inspection.

English, Religious Studies Grad Students Get Dissertation Fellowships

Jun 22, 2016

Two A&S graduate students have received the prestigious Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships help them complete their work.


Yimardoowarra: Artist of the River

Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Museum,  through August 21

McCormick Observatory Public Night

Dept. of Astronomy, Friday, July 1, 9 - 11 PM, 600 McCormick Road

The Pirates of Penzance

Heritage Theatre Festival. June 30 through July 9, Culbreth Theatre

Summer Session II

June 13 - July 9