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Varon: Union Forces Sought South’s Salvation in U.S. Civil War

Was the American Civil War a conflict of deliverance, in which Union forces were not only seeking to preserve the nation, but also, as they saw it, trying to save the misled Southern masses?

UVA Anthropologist Digitizes a Changing Culture From Half a World Away

Bernard Narokobi, who helped compose Papua New Guinea’s constitution, trusted UVA anthropologist Lise Dobrin with a manuscript telling the history of his village – a unique resource that previously existed only as a Word document.


Dean’s Office Appoints Chief of Staff

Feb 11, 2020

Nicole Woods, who brings more than 20 years of strategic planning experience, is joining the Dean’s Office as its new Chief of Staff.

Second-Year Student's Oil Portrait of Julian Bond Launches Presidential Initiative

Feb 03, 2020

Her painting is the first new portrait to reflect Ryan’s initiatives to update and contextualize the University’s historic landscape with commemorative markers, portraits and photographs.

UVA Honors Its Leading Researchers

Feb 03, 2020

University of Virginia President Jim Ryan presented the 2019 Research Achievement Awards to 13 UVA faculty members, including 4 from the College.


Humanities Week 2020: HistoRemax - Revisit. Retell. Reclaim

Institute of the Humanities & Global Cultures, February 23-28

TAD Talks (Tiny Astronomy Discussion)

Student-led presentations about astronomy and physics. 7-9 PM, Thursday, Feb. 20, Astronomy Building 

Being Human in the Age of the Brain

Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, Feb. 21-22, Watson Manor, 3 University Circle 

Cristina Rivera Garza Reading

Creative Writing Program, 5 PM, Thursday, Feb. 20, The Rotunda (Multipurpose Room)