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Developing Brain Power

Neuroscience undergraduate programs prepare scholars for life in the lab.

Asking Questions and Solving Problems

At a time when there is increasing competitiveness for a limited pool of federal funding, A&S faculty continue to push the frontiers of new knowledge through a variety of funding resources.


Psychology Study: Following the Pack in Adolescence Leads to Health Benefits Down the Road

Sep 03, 2015

A new study led by Psychology Professor Joseph Allen found that physical health in adulthood could be predicted based on the quality of close friendships in adolescence.

Massive Collaboration Testing Reproducibility of Psychology Studies Publishes Findings

Aug 28, 2015

The study, published in the journal Science and coordinated by Psychology Professor Brian Nosek, sought to replicate 100 findings published in three prominent psychology journals. Twenty-two students and faculty from U.Va. were among the co-authors.

U.Va. Economists Build Bonds With the Federal Reserve

Aug 26, 2015

Amid global stock market concerns, U.Va. economists made the short drive down Interstate 64 to the institution responsible for implementing many of the policies they research: the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.


U.Va. Datapalooza

Showcase of the data-driven research, resources, services, and outreach available at U.Va. Friday, Sept. 18, 8:30 AM-5 PM, Newcomb Hall

"God and Google"

Lecture by John D. Peters. Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and Dept. of Media Studies. Friday, Sept. 4, 2 PM, Watson Manor, 3 University Circle

Dept. of Classics Undergraduate Opening Reception

All are welcome. Wednesday, Sept. 9, 5 PM, Cocke Hall 

U.Va. CHARGE Faculty Search Seminar

All Faculty Invited. Tuesday, Sept. 8, 8 AM to 4 PM, Newcomb Hall South Meeting Room