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From Charlottesville to Chile, Powerful APOGEE is Ready for a Starring Role

UVA astronomers are installing a device in Chile that will allow them to more deeply explore the Milky Way.

How UVA Shaped Georgia O’Keeffe

An exhibition at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, NM featuring several watercolors of the Grounds reveals how three pivotal summers at UVA set her on the path to becoming one of the greatest American artists of her time.


Speaking of the Ice Age

Feb 23, 2017

Assistant Prof. of Anthropology Mark Sicoli uses ‘big data’ computing to compare dozens of languages and shed light on migration patterns and cultural contact in the Americas that might’ve begun in a place called Beringia.

When Screening for Disease, Risk is as Important to Consider as Benefits

Feb 23, 2017

Karen Kafadar, chair of the Dept. of Statistics, is developing new techniques for understanding the difference between length of diagnosis and length of life regarding cancer screening.

Cutting Edge DNA Analysis Adds New Insight to Three Centuries of Pueblo History

Feb 23, 2017

New mitochondrial and nuclear DNA testing of prehistoric skeletal remains provides “the best evidence of a social hierarchy in the ancient Southwest,” according to UVA archaeologist Stephen Plog.


From Euler to Clinton: An Unexpected Statistical Journey (Or: Size Does Matter, But You Might Be in for a Surprise …)

Dept. of Statistics, with Dr. Xiao-Li Meng, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Science. Thursday, March 2, 4 PM, Nau Hall Auditorium 

Blood Wedding

Federico Garcia Lorca’s tragic and poetic tale of love, vengeance, and societal expectations. Dept. of Drama, through March 2, Culbreth Theater

Author David Shields Reading

Creative Writing Program, Monday, Feb. 27, 5 PM, UVA Bookstore

Mellon Fellows Symposium

Institute of Humanities and Global Cultures. Friday, March 3, 10 AM - 1:30 PM, 142 Wilson Hall