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Faulkner to Salter

Reigniting the writer-in-residence program.

A Deeper Bond

College first years forge long-lasting, rewarding academic relationships with unique faculty-led College Advising Seminars.


After Four Years, Facelift Complete at New Cabell Hall

Aug 20, 2014

New Cabell Hall, once the domain of cinder-block walls and bolted-down wooden desks, has entered the 21st century.

New Dean Urges Incoming Students to Embrace, Transform U.Va.’s Traditions

Aug 26, 2014

In his “First Lecture” to first-year students in the College of Arts & Sciences, Ian Baucom urged his audience to embrace U.Va.’s history and traditions while daring to break new paths for the University.

Mountain Lake Biological Station Joins Nationwide Ecological Observatory Network

Aug 26, 2014

A 105-foot research tower has been built as part of a National Science Foundation ecological observatory that will monitor conditions from the Arctic to the tropics.


Mr. Jefferson & the Prophet Joseph Smith: Two Contraries that Incline

Lecture by Professor Kathleen Flake. Sept. 5, 6:30 PM, 101 Nau Hall

Pursuing “Real” Justice in International Child Abductions

Anthropology, Brooks Hall, Friday, Sept. 12, 1:00 PM 

Some Thoughts on Harmony

Princeton Professor of Music Emeritus Paul Lansky. Friday, Sept. 12, 3:30 PM, 107 Old Cabell