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Liberal Arts and the World of Work

As a debate over the vocational value of a liberal arts education focuses on the employment opportunities it can provide, more students are eager to start chiseling away to specialize their studies toward a potential career as quickly as possible.

The Rhodes Journey

As difficult as it may be to win a Rhodes scholarship ­– only 32 Rhodes Scholars are chosen nationwide each year – a remarkable number of U.Va. graduates have accomplished the feat.


After Teaching 45,000 Students, Elzinga in a Class By Himself

Jan 28, 2015

It’s likely that Ken Elzinga has impacted more students than any professor in University of Virginia history.

"Coming Back to Grounds" - Dean Ian Baucom Addresses the Virginia Alumni Mentoring Dinner

Jan 27, 2015

As the College continues to seek innovative ways to equip our next generation of students for their own careers and for lives of informed, engaged citizenship, Ian Baucom asks our alumni to play a critical role in that mission.

Economists Find Rare Empirical Evidence of Love in Unique Marriage Survey

Jan 20, 2015

Economists are not famed for their romantic insights, but professors Leora Friedberg and Steven Stern have discovered quantitative evidence of love in married couples’ answers to questions about the quality of their marriage.


French Film Festival

Thursday-Friday-Saturday, February 5-7

Olivia Bona, Distinguished Major Oboe Recital

Friday, Feb. 7, 8 PM, Old Cabell Hall

Absolutely Safe, a documentary film about breast implant safety

Women, Gender & Sexuality Program, Wed. Feb. 4, 6 PM, 108 Clark Hall.

Virginia Alumni Mentoring - Info Session

Monday, Feb. 2, 10 AM, Newcomb Hall Board Room.