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Ph.D. Students Transform Rotunda Into Planetarium, Realizing Jefferson’s Vision

The night sky is being recreated in the Rotunda’s Dome Room for a limited time, thanks to a trio of University of Virginia Ph.D. candidates – not from astronomy or computer science, but from the English department.

New Equity Center Aims to Create Thriving University-Community Partnerships

Community leaders and University of Virginia faculty and administrators have teamed to launch a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to build better relationships between UVA and the Charlottesville community and tangibly redress racial and socioeconomic inequality.


Corruption Lab (CLEAR) Announces Signature Event

Nov 06, 2019

The Democracy Initiative’s Corruption Lab for Ethics, Accountability, and the Rule of Law, or CLEAR, will hold a major event featuring Harvard professor and CNN analyst David Gergen and William Browder, founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005 when he was expelled from the country for exposing corruption.

Study: Maternal Interaction May Influence the Epigenetics of Baby’s Social Development

Nov 06, 2019

The latest evidence that gene may not be destiny comes from Kathleen Krol’s study of maternal-infant interactions and how they affect the expression of genes that are important to babies’ development of oxytocin systems.

UVA Physicists Contributing to $271 Million Experiment at Fermilab

Nov 04, 2019

UVA’s High-Energy Lab physicists are building large components for one of the largest physics experiments ever conducted in the U.S. The results may rival the discovery of the Higgs boson.


Lecture: Artist Nick Cave

Ruffin Distinguished Artist-in-Residence, 5 PM, Wednesday, Nov. 13, Harrison Small Auditorium

Fall Dance Concert

Dept. of Drama, Nov. 7, 8 & 9, Culbreth Theatre

Romantic Titans: Bruckner, Mendelssohn, Richard Strauss

Charlottesville Symphony with University Singers. 8 PM, Saturday, Nov. 16, Old Cabell Hall 

How Corruption Erodes the Rule of Law: A Conversation with William Browder

Moderated by David Gergen. Corruption Lab for Ethics, Accountability and the Rule of Law, 10 AM, Tuesday, Nov. 19