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Developing Brain Power

Neuroscience undergraduate programs prepare scholars for life in the lab.

Faulkner to Salter

Reigniting the writer-in-residence program.


A Message to Students from Patricia Lampkin, Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer

Nov 21, 2014

Our community has been deeply affected by the article that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine earlier this week.

COLA Seminar Probes Shifting Identity of ‘Whiteness’ in America

Nov 17, 2014

Asst. Professor of Religious Studies Jalane Schmidt first-year seminar studies how whiteness, not just blackness, has been a shifting category and has served to exclude or include certain ethnic groups over time and in different parts of the country.

Hedgehog Review’s Fall Issue Ponders How We Think About the Poor

Nov 10, 2014

What is life like inside the social safety net? How does it feel to fall from the middle class into poverty? Are the poor becoming increasingly invisible to the rest of society?


China's Booming Relations with Africa

East Asia Center. Friday, Dec. 5, 3:15 PM, 130 Mnroe Hall.

Tea Time Student Musical Recitals

McIntire Dept. of Music, Dec. 3 & 4. Old Cabell Auditorium.

Thomas Jefferson and the Problem of Union

History Professors Gary Gallagher and Peter Onuf. Miller Center Historical Presidency Series. Tuesday, Dec. 2, 3:30 PM.

Thanksgiving Recess

Wednesday, Nov. 26 - Sunday, Nov. 30