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At UVA’s Keck Center, Researchers Peer Deep Into Inner Workings of Cells

Researchers at UVA, and at institutions across the state, can turn to UVA’s Keck Center for Cellular Imaging, which offers sophisticated expertise in 14 state-of-the-art imaging techniques, using 10 microscope systems, valued at more than $5 million.


Zebrafish Lab Provides Insights Into Diseases of the Nervous System

Sarah Kucenas’s fish facility recently expanded in size by 50 percent, thanks to funding from the College of Arts & Sciences. It now includes its own water-treatment plant and can house up to 50,000 fish and hundreds of tanks in a 1,300-square-foot area,



Tailoring Instruction to Learning Styles (Still) Doesn't Help Students

Aug 13, 2018

Your child is a visual learner. She does better when information is presented in diagrams and graphs. You’d think she would do better if her teacher taught that way, right? Nope.

Study: Alzheimer's Drug May Stop Disease if Used Before Symptoms Develop

Aug 13, 2018

UVA biologists have gained new understanding of how Alzheimer’s disease begins, and how it might be halted.

What Parents Can Give Their College Students That Money Can't Buy

Aug 13, 2018

Parents lacking financial resources or college degrees are sometimes thought of as being less capable of supporting their children in college, but they likely have something money can’t buy: emotional support.


UVA Arts Grounds Day

Picnic, Festivities, No BS! Brass Band and Outdoor Screening of Black Panther. 6-11 PM, Friday, Sept. 7, Betsey and John Casteen Arts Grounds

Strategize Environmental Issues: The UVA Bay Game

Wednesday, Aug. 22, VCU Rice Rivers Center, Charles City, VA

First Day of Classes

Tuesday, August 28

Fall Term 2018 Move-In

Friday, August 24 - Monday, August 27