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Faulkner to Salter

Reigniting the writer-in-residence program.

A Deeper Bond

College first years forge long-lasting, rewarding academic relationships with unique faculty-led College Advising Seminars.


Biology Majors Travel to Florida to Study Lizard Evolution

Aug 27, 2014

Biology majors Elizabeth Luebbert (‘15) and William Evans (‘16), recipients of A&S Research and Travel Grants, caught and released hundreds of wild lizards for their studies of natural selection.

Third-year Russell Bogue Spends Summer Exploring Taiwan-Mainland Relations

Sep 02, 2014

This summer Russell used a $3,000 Harrison Undergraduate Research Award to travel to Taipei, Taiwan to survey college students’ political views.

New Fralin Museum Exhibit Captures the Dazzle of Early Indian Painting

Sep 02, 2014

A new exhibit, curated by Assoc. Professor of South Asian Art Daniel Ehnborn, offers a unique entry into the world of early modern India through an array of colorful paintings.


Mr. Jefferson & the Prophet Joseph Smith: Two Contraries that Incline

Lecture by Professor Kathleen Flake. Sept. 5, 6:30 PM, 101 Nau Hall

Pursuing “Real” Justice in International Child Abductions

Anthropology, Brooks Hall, Friday, Sept. 12, 1:00 PM 

Some Thoughts on Harmony

Princeton Professor of Music Emeritus Paul Lansky. Friday, Sept. 12, 3:30 PM, 107 Old Cabell