Notable A&S Faculty

Endowed and University Professorships

Endowed professorships are among the most prestigious honors bestowed by the University of Virginia. These professorships recognize distinguished faculty for extraordinary achievement in their fields and celebrate excellence in earlier stages of an academic career. The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences has a long tradition of honoring exceptional faculty members with these designations.

Chaired professors serve as sources of inspiration for students, colleagues, and other researchers and scholars, motivating them to strive for excellence and make their own significant contributions to their fields. When the University bestows this honor, it does so with the knowledge that the recognition also benefits the larger community.

The distinguished faculty who hold these designations are listed here alphabetically. Use the search box below to search by name, academic department, or endowment.

Christa Acampora
Sandra Alconini
Joseph Allen
Simon Anderson
Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne
Lawrie Balfour
Lawrence Band
Ian Baucom
Benjamin Bennett, William R. Kenan, Jr., Professorship (German)
Asher Biemann
Allison Bigelow
Nemata Blyden
Alison Booth
Anna Brickhouse
Matthew Burtner
David Cafiso
Tamika Carey
Christopher Carter
Gordon Cates
James Ceaser
Steph Ceraso
Indrani Chatterjee
Roger Chevalier
Edith Clowes
Linda Columbus
Anthony Corbeill
Stephen Cushman
Christa Dierksheide
Scott Doney
Mark Edmundson, University Professor
Kenneth Elzinga
Howard Epstein
Aaron Evans
Kevin Everson
Robert Fatton, Jr.
Francesca Fiorani
Tatiana Flores
Laura Galloway
James Galloway
Brie Gertler
David Getsy
Robert Grainger
Bryan Hall at the University of Virginia
T. Brent Gunnoe
Grace Hale
Paul Halliday
W. Dean Harman
Claudrena Harold headshot
Kevin Hart
Eric Herbst
Charles Holt
Willis Jenkins
Robert Jones Jr.
Karen Kafadar
Deborah Kang
Tiffany King
George Klosko
Aynne Kokas
Fotini Kondyli
Sarah Kucenas
Krishan Kumar, University Professor
James Landers
Jennifer Lawless
David Leblang
Seunghun Lee
Kevin Lehmann, William R. Kenan, Jr., Professorship (Chemistry)
JE Lendon
Xiaoyuan Liu
Antonia LoLordo
Loren Lomasky
Despina Louca
Charles Mathewes
Katherine Maus
Karen McGlathery
Trenton Merricks
Elizabeth Meyer
Farzaneh Milani
Sidney Milkis
Amalia Miller
Julie Mortimer
Alex Motchoulski
Ken Ono thumbnail
John Owens IV
Michael Pace
David Parichy
Brooks Pate
John Pepper
Joseph Poon
Andrea Press
Jahan Ramazani
Issac Reed
Kristina Richardson
Albert Rivero
Larry Sabato, University Professor
Noah Salomon
Michael Suarez, University Professor
Teresa Sullivan, University Professor and President Emerita
Douglas Taylor
Alan Taylor
Michael Timko
Herbert Tucker
Elizabeth Hutton Turner, University Professor
Siva Vaidhyanathan
Amrisha Vaish
Eric Von Wincoop
Elizabeth Varon
Robert Trent Vinson
Penny Van Eschen
Weiqiang Wang
Bruce Williams
Jarrett Zigon