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Could Nearby Venus Harbor Life? An Astronomer Helps Unfold the Mystery

Astronomers have recently announced the surprising discovery of the chemical phosphine in the toxic atmosphere of Venus

Democracy and the Pandemic: Faculty Op-Eds Raise, and Answer, Urgent Questions

UVA’s Democracy Initiative has launched an op-ed series, bringing its research to the nation’s newspapers, from the Washington Post to the Dallas Morning News; The New York Times to the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot.


“How Did We Get Here?” UVA Podcast Explores the Rise of Illiberalism

Sep 08, 2020

Illiberalism is on the rise, threatening the future of democratic nations around the world. When COVID-19 brought an end to their plans for 2020, two faculty members in the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences launched a podcast to answer the question,“How did we get here?”

Faculty, Academic Leaders Focus on Quality of Online Courses

Aug 26, 2020

UVA has put a huge effort into faculty professional development for online instruction to ensure the highest-quality learning experiences possible under the circumstances.

$3 Million Grant Will Reshape Graduate Education in the Life Sciences

Aug 25, 2020

Faculty members from UVA’s College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences have received a $3 million National Science Foundation grant that could fundamentally change the way it prepares students for life after graduate school.


A&S-Specific Return to Grounds Information

A resource for A&S faculty and staff for Fall 2020 preparations

Return to Grounds

A central resource of universal information – such as public health measures – as well as specific information for faculty, staff and students. 

Fall 2020 Student Resources

Essential information for students and their families. 

Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid

We will support students through financial aid and additional opportunities that are currently being considered.