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‘A Mountaintop Moment’: Professor’s Met Exhibition Sparks Discovery of Lost Painting

Can you call me? That request landed in art professor Elizabeth Hutton Turner’s inbox after she wrapped up a session of her “American Modernism” course recently. The email was from Randall Griffey, a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who had just met with Turner’s students on Zoom to discuss the Met exhibition Turner co-curated about American modernist painter Jacob Lawrence.

UVA Opens Its Doors a Little Wider for Working Adults

UVA Edge, a yearlong, six-course, online program, aims to give workers who might only have a few college courses – or none at all – a way to develop skills that can be useful in their careers and a new path to a degree.


Eyes Wide Open: In New Findings, 3-Year-Olds React to Immorality

Nov 19, 2020

New research at the University of Virginia has found evidence that children as young as 3 show physiological changes that co-occur with the distinction these toddlers draw between violations of moral and conventional norms.

How a Biology and Music Major Ended Up Running COVID Antibody Tests in St. Louis

Nov 19, 2020

After two internships fell through this summer, fourth-year Jonathan Danis found himself running COVID-19 antibody tests at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Signature J-Term Courses set to Challenge Students on Today's Issues

Oct 29, 2020

“These courses will explore some of today’s most relevant topics – from the science of pandemics, to racial justice, to the importance of democracy, to an examination of sustainable cities of the future.”


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