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Avital Balwit, UVA’s 55th Rhodes Scholar, Seeks to Prevent ‘Existential Risk’

Avital Balwit plans to study at the Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Priorities Institute at the University of Oxford.

‘A Mountaintop Moment’: Professor’s Met Exhibition Sparks Discovery of Lost Painting

Can you call me? That request landed in art professor Elizabeth Hutton Turner’s inbox after she wrapped up a session of her “American Modernism” course recently. The email was from Randall Griffey, a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who had just met with Turner’s students on Zoom to discuss the Met exhibition Turner co-curated about American modernist painter Jacob Lawrence.


To Better Predict the Future of Polar Ice, Environmental Scientists Are Looking to the Past

Jan 13, 2021

An environmental scientist at UVA is looking for geological clues from the distant past to better understand how quickly arctic ice is melting and what that could mean for the future of our coastal communities.

Laurent Dubois Named New Democracy Initiative Co-Director

Dec 18, 2020

Dubois, founder and faculty director of Duke University’s Forum for Scholars & Publics, will help shape the future of research and academic affairs for UVA’s Democracy Initiative.

Research Breakthrough Could Transform Clean Energy Technology

Dec 14, 2020

Inefficiencies in the technology of converting sunlight into power and storing it for use have limited the appeal of solar power, but a recent discovery by a team led by two researchers at UVA could eliminate a significant obstacle to making it work on a large scale.


Using the F-Word: Fascist Drift in America

Democracy Initiative Memory Project. 4 PM, Wednesday, Jan. 13, via Zoom

Spring Semester

Classes begin February 1, 2021