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Committee Members

Members 2019-20

This committee deals with broad policies affecting undergraduate education and such specific matters as course changes, new courses, new major programs, degree requirements, and rules governing the academic status of students. For more information, see how to submit a proposal.


Ed Murphy, Faculty Chair, Astronomy (5th year) 

Dorothe Bach, TRC (8th year) 

Sarah Corse, Sociology (6th year) 

Clare Kinney, English (4th year) 

Ekaterina Dianina, Slavic (3rd year)

Camilla Fojas, Media Studies (3rd year)

Brooks Pate, Chemistry (3rd year)

Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton, Religious Studies (2nd year) 

Rebecca Stangl, Philosophy (2nd year)

Sarah Betzer, Art History (1st year)

Jessica Connelly, Psychology (1st year)

Michelle Kisliuk, Music (1st year)

Mark Hadley, Administrative Chair, Religious Studies (without term)

Administrative Support


  • Mark Hadley, Assistant Dean in the College
  • Rachel Most, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the College
  • Cheryl Carroll, Manager of Academic Compliance, Provost’s Office
  • Dudley Doane, Director International Studies, Summer, and Special Programs
  • Francesca Fiorani, Associate Dean for the Arts and Humanities
  • Rebecca Garver, Student Information System
  • Laura Hawthorne, University Registrar
  • Debbie Hoffman, UREG
  • Sheila Tolley, Senior Associate University Registrar
  • Judy Updike, College Registrar
  • Leonie Williams, UREG