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A&S Events in Response - November 2017

Nov 7

Lawrie Balfour


3-5:30, reception to follow. Nau Hall Room 101

Hosted by Power, Violence and Inequality Collective


Nov 10


Diversifying Scholarship conference: Forging interdisciplinary connections, empowering students, and promoting a culture of inclusivity


The Diversifying Scholarship at UVA is intended to embody the stated commitment of the university to inclusivity by addressing several critical needs in higher education; namely, expanding scholarship focused on socially marginalized groups, reducing inequality, and alleviating the effects of discrimination. This event will highlight the diverse work being done across grounds in the arts, social and physical sciences, humanities, education, and beyond.  We seek to promote connections among undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty from different disciplines, fostering a commitment to inclusive research, pedagogy and collaborative problem solving on social issues.

Led by graduate student, Jamie Albright, and supported by an A&S DDI grant and the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs.
Registration is now open and the Diversifying Scholarship Committee is now accepting abstracts from students who are interested in presenting relevant research.  Interested faculty, please contact Jamie at


Nov 14

Classroom guest lecture: Kathy Cramer, author of :

The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker

PLAP 4150, Political Psychology, taught by Nick Winter, Gibson Hall Room 142. 

Hosted by Power, Violence and Inequality Collective