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Faculty to Student Letter Template

Letter template from faculty to students regarding moving the remainder of spring semester courses from the classroom to virtual delivery.

Download the Word file here: faculty_to_student_letter_template.docx.


Dear Students,

As you have heard by now, our course XXX 1000 will be delivered virtually for the foreseeable future. Below is my plan for course delivery and steps you can take to ensure a positive transition and course completion.

Collab course site

I will use our course site in Collab as a repository for resources, content, and assignment submission. I will also post any updates or changes to our course plan there. Be sure that you can log in to Collab and access our course site. Each week I will post an update by (day of the week) with any pertinent information about course activities.

Next class meeting – Option A – Synchronous

Our next class session will be a live, synchronous meeting using Zoom Online classrooms, held on (day), (date), at (time). The link to join will be posted in Collab and I will email it to you. In order to prepare for this session, I suggest you test your ability to join a Zoom meeting using this link: Join a test zoom meeting. If you have difficulties with this, please contact ITS Helpdesk.

Next class meeting – Option B – Asynchronous

I plan for our course to run asynchronously, meaning that I will pre-record lectures and post them, along with other course content, into our Collab course site, for you to watch on your own schedule. You may also have other activities to complete within the course site, such as a discussion board. Please pay close attention to the updates I provided in Collab by checking in regularly. You can expect my first lecture and instructions to be posted by (day), (date), at (time).


The best way to reach me at this time is (email), (phone), (text), (other). I will also be holding office hours from (time) to (time) on (day). Please email me to set up a time to meet either over the phone or via Zoom. If you are unsure if you will have reliable internet access, please let me know as soon as possible.

I know this is an unexpected turn in our course, but I am committed to helping you be successful as we make the transition to virtual teaching and learning.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.


(Faculty name)