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Putting Einstein to the Test
UVA’s latest NSF CAREER award winner, Kent Yagi, is using AI to solve one of physics’ biggest mysteries: why gravity won’t play by the rules.
Eighteen College Researchers Recognized by UVA
Research took center stage at a ceremony recognizing UVA faculty, including eighteen from the College of Arts & Sciences for their accomplishments in 2023.
Could Songbirds Make Us Better Tennis Players?
A Ph.D. candidate’s research with songbirds offers new insights into how the brain changes as it acquires new information, which could help science better understand how animals learn to communicate. Her findings could also lead to advances in medicine and artificial intelligence, and they could help athletes develop muscle memory more quickly.
Hidden Figures Author Partners with UVA to Document the Lives of “Human Computers”
A partnership between Hidden Figures author Margot Lee Shetterly and UVA aims to better understand the future of the world of work by taking a closer look at the past.
The Air Over There: Isabella Dressel Takes Her Atmospheric Studies to Cambridge
As a Churchill Scholar, she will study climate science using drones, satellites and computer models.
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Prepare for the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse! (STEM for Everyone Series)
UVA Library and Astronomy Prof. Ed Murphy. 6 PM, Tuesday, Feb. 27, Room 330, Alderman Library
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Academic Events and Courses Relevant to Understanding Events in the Middle East
Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost 
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UVA Catalyst
Program designed to help undergraduate students flourish in work after graduation.
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Notable Alumni
Notable alumni of the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
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Call to Action
A&S 2030: Four Priorities and Signal Intention
The pathway for UVA to become the best public university in the nation and one of the best universities anywhere in the world runs directly through the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.