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NSF Grant Will Fund Astronomer in Search of the Origins of the Universe
Time travel is still more science fiction than science fact, but a UVA astronomer is part of a team of researchers who are working on the technology that could at least give us a view of the universe in the moments after its creation.
Class of '23 Social Science Grads Making Change Happen
Meet three of the distinguished social science majors from Class of 2023 who left their marks at UVA and who are poised to make a difference in the next phase of their young adulthoods.
A Love of Learning: '23 Humanities Grads Carving New Paths
In Art Is Power: Class of ’23 Grads Are Discovering Art’s Capacity to Heal and Transform
Among this year’s graduating class are a new generation of innovators and pathfinders who will put their art degrees to work exploring new modes of expression, advancing advocacy and tackling the mental-health challenges of struggling communities.
Class of ’23: UVA Developed AI To Spot Early Sepsis. 2 Undergrads Helped Lead the Way
Perhaps only at UVA can undergraduate students who aren’t pre-med not only learn from medical doctors but also contribute to their work as colleagues.
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McCormick Observatory Public Night
Dept. of Astronomy, 9-11 PM, Friday, June 2, Leander McCormick Observatory
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Virginia Theatre Festival, July 7-16, Culbreth Theatre
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Notable Alumni
Notable alumni of the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
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