Juyeon Chung

East Asian Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Juyeon Chung

Juyeon Chung studies how learners' native language phonetics and phonology systems can interfere with their ability to acquire a second language, both in terms of how they produce and perceive the sounds of the second language. She is also interested in how the amount of exposure to a second language can help learners acquire it more effectively.

Chung has focused her research on the English production and perception of Korean adult learners of English, who had varying amounts of experience with the language. Before coming to UVA, Chung also participated in database creation from low-resource languages such as Xibe and analyzed data using Universal Dependences, an annotation scheme for annotating grammar across different languages.

She has published articles in journals such as Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Universal Dependencies, The Linguistic Society of Korea, Journal of the Korea Contents Association, and English Language and Linguistics.

Chung earned her M.A. and Ph.D. from Indiana University. Prior to joining the UVA faculty, she was an associate Korean/Japanese language instructor at Indiana University. This fall, Chung will teach beginner-level and advanced-level Korean language courses.