Sethunya Mokoko

Assistant Professor, General Faculty
Sethunya Mokoko

Sethunya Mokoko is a scholar, writer, and filmmaker from Lesotho whose research focuses on the rhetorics of storytelling across media and cultures. Mokoko’s work specializes in teaching students to appreciate and value social justice rhetorics across media; to become rhetorically listening writers, readers, and viewers; and to understand how global rhetorics shape and define agency and identification. His research and teaching commitments involve rhetorical theory, composition studies, cultural rhetorics, business writing and creative writing.

His dissertation project, Storytelling in Motion: Rhetorical Approaches to Autoethnography, Critical Pedagogy, and African Filmmaking, and other publications expose the marginalization in the education systems of his country, Lesotho, in Southern Africa, which still survives long after the plague of Apartheid, intending to eradicate the residue of colonization. Mokoko’s work draws on the values in the African epistemologies of storytelling, describing and illustrating these principles by showing how storytelling can transform composition pedagogy.

Mokoko holds a transdisciplinary Ph.D. in rhetorics, communication, and information design from Clemson University (2023) and a Master of Fine Arts degree from California State University, Long Beach (2018). As a doctoral student at Clemson, Mokoko was the assistant director of the writing lab, and served on the Dean's Advisory Council. Before migrating to Clemson, he was an adjunct professor of creative writing, rhetoric and composition in Southern California. He likes reggae, rain and reading/writing. As an assistant professor in the Rhetoric and Writing Program, Mokoko will teach “Race, Rhetoric, and Social Justice” and “Writing about Culture and Society.”